Bitcoin Cryptocurrency HODL Memes

If you’re invested in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencys/Altcoins, then no doubt you’ve seen some serious ups and downs in the market.

One of the hardest decisions crypto investors have to make is should I sell or should I hold? In the cryptocurrency world, “HODL” means to hold.

“HODL” originated from this post has since become an acronym for “Hold On for Dear Life.”

HODL has taken the meme world by storm among crypto traders/investors. Below is an ongoing collection of the best HODL memes.

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Leonardo Dicaprio stay calm and hodl meme


Lambos hodler meme

Mel Gibson Braveheart HODL meme

Crypto Hodl Bitcoin Braveheart

Titanic HODL meme

Bitcoin Crypto Titanic Hodl


When you HODL through a dip meme

crypto-hodl-girl-bathing-in-money-bath x150.jpg 150w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px" />


African kid “So you mean to tell me all I need to do is hodl?”


Bitcoin Star Wars Yoda Meme “Btc, I trust. Hodl, I must.”


Friday Night Lights Coach Taylor HODL meme


Leonardo Dicaprio “I’m not fucking selling” meme


Bitcoin hodl kid holding breath

hodl-kid-holding-breath meme

Game of Thrones Hodor Hodl Meme

King Leonidas 300 Sparta Hodling meme

300-spartans-hodl meme

Chuck Norris says hodl meme


Harold buy on the dip hodl meme


Batman slapping Robin hodl meme

Spartans hodl line meme


Dos Equis man “I don’t always buy bitcoin, but when I do I am holdling it” meme

i-don't-always-hodl-but-when-I do-meme

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Nike just hodl it


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